I hope to make this blog a place to vent, share stories, think out loud, ask for advice and sometimes just make the day a little brighter. I will do my best not to use names. But at some point if you are in my life, I might use you as inspiration (bad or good) in writing. That might offend some people. So in an effort to cover all my bases, here's a little disclaimer for everyone!
If you know me, you know this blog is going to be often brutally honest and not for everyone. If you don't know me, be warned, I am known to say it as I see it. Everyone loves me or hates me. It's just that simple. If there is someone in the gray area, it's probably because you really don't know me at all. Or you met me when I was on display and had to act accordingly.

To My Husband:
You know I love you. We have been to the top of the mountain, the bottom of the valley and back around again (a few times!). But we make it through. Sometimes it's tough and I might vent. But you know we'll figure it out. So if I write about you, please know that if it's been longer than a week since I posted it, chances are we are over the hurdle and back on track. If it's within the week, maybe you could be a little nicer for a few days while I get over it. The Gemini in you takes 5 mins to be ok. The Leo in me takes just a bit longer sometimes....

To My Family:
I am who I am today because of (or in spite of) all of you. I love each of you in our own special way. But we are who we are. And as much as I annoy all of you sometimes, you drive me bonkers, too. Tread lightly, some of you might not want to know everything there is to know. And remember, at the end of the day, we are family and I will love you no matter what. Even when I am not sure why! lol...

To My Friends:
Chances are, if you are really my friend, you will completely understand everything that I post. Even in my moments of insanity. If I post something and you think it might be about you, you might be right. If you are offended by it, talk to me. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding. If it's not and you are still offended, then you probably aren't included in this category after all. You should probably look up the terms acquaintance and/or fr-enemies, pick which ever one you want, I'll probably agree with you.

Well, you've been warned.
Happy reading... Comment away...

20 November 2010

I mean it this time, I swear!

I am going to start writing again if it KILLS ME!! lol...

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